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GTI personnel have more than 15 years experience working on  government sites, from military bases to veteran hospitals. Having worked with several agencies within the government, we understand the importance of procedure and attention to details.


Industrial Construction is what Green Tanner Industrial Construction knows and does best.  Contact us for electrical needs on mining sites, oil and gas refineries and water treatment facilities.


When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the people to keep the wheels greased. From  new construction to keeping older facilities functioning smoothly, Green Tanner Industrial Construction has the knowledge and know-how to build it and keep it running..


Site Electrical

Medium Voltage Ductbanks

Green Tanner Industrial Construction  employs self-performing crews that can do it all. We are equipped to dig, concrete encase, place backfill, install and terminate electrical duct banks.

Green Tanner Industrial Construction specializes in 4160, 1240 and 13800 volt electrical construction.  We can install it, terminate it and test it.  GTI Construction teams with 3rd party testing agents as well.

Plus we will take it one step further and install and terminate your medium voltage gear while we are at it. 

Construction Management

Having the right hands on the job makes a difference

With the experience and credentials to do the job, Green Tanner Industrial Construction tradesmen are supported by a knowledgeable and involved management team.  From scheduling crews to managing budgets, our team understands that building your project the right way takes a whole team.


Medium Voltage, Instrumentation,

Instrument Air,  600 Volt electrical



Green Tanner Industrial Construction has a staff with vast experience on several different mining sites. 


 medium Voltage

600 volt electrical Construction

electrical infrastructure


instrument air

Industrial Construction

Government Construction


Green Tanner Industrial Construction, LLC


The core staff at Green Tanner Industrial Construction has more than 20 years of industrial construction experience.  Focusing on electrical projects, GTI is prepared to handle a range of  project scopes, including electrical installation of entire sites, medium voltage, interior and exterior electrical, instrumentation and instrument air. No matter what challenges your industrial project presents, our personnel have probably already seen it and have been involved in the solution.  Contact us and learn what Green Tanner Industrial Construction can do for your facility.